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  1. Functional Refrectories For C.C.
  2. Functional Refrectories For Foundry
  3. Fireclay Brick
  4. Graphite Products
  1. Monoblock stopper

    Al2O3-ZrO2-C series for multi-frequency steel grates. MgO-C series for specia...

  2. Ladle shroud

    Different argon insert for preventing the molten steel form re-oxidating.The ...

  3. Sub-entry nozzle

    Series of  Al2O3-ZrO2-C meterial in the body can be applied to different stee...


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Erebus New Materia Co.,Ltd

Erebus New Materials Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of the Wanxin Group founded in 2003,the company is located at Qingdao city with beautiful scenery and convenient facilities,near Qingdao International Airport. The company services for the export of the group pro… Read More